Cutting Lines with Verizon on Black Friday

Giving Verizon customers a head start

A hassle-free Black Friday is within reach for Verizon customers. To accomplish this feat our team developed an interactive, rich media ad campaign that helped Verizon customers choose their purchase before the big day. We utilized Click 3X’s multi-faceted production capabilities to cast and shoot on the in-house stage, then developed VFX animations, all for the execution of a fluid digital experience.  

We worked closely with Verizon’s development partner to ensure that the complex media spend and multiple moving parts came together seamlessly. What resulted was a friendly online Verizon assistant offering the viewer information about how to get the deals they want online, without the headache of joining the Black Friday horde. This interactive experience provided customers with an informative and satisfying digital pre-sale experience that left them ahead of the game on Black Friday. 

Credits:ClickFire Media
Platforms:Desktop, Tablet and Mobile