Try Before You Buy Digital Tattoos

Taking temporary tattoos to the digital landscape with Sailor Jerry

Quaker City Mercantile tasked our team with creating an application for their client, Sailor Jerry.

The iOS mobile application we developed allows users to preview a wide assortment of Sailor Jerry-themed tattoos via their iPhone or iPad camera. The app solved the age old problem of tattoos: can you try before you buy?

By scrolling through a large tattoo gallery until they find the art they like, users can then tap and drag it into position. By pinching and pulling the image, they can adjust the tattoo until it fits just right. The user can then snap a photo, save it and even post the photo of their newly-tattooed self to Facebook and Twitter. If a permanent tattoo is their desire, users can also search for the closest Sailor Jerry Tattoo Artist, using the Google Maps API, without leaving the app.

Client:Sailor Jerry
Credits:Quaker City Mercantile and ClickFire Media
Platforms:Mobile, Tablet