Making Parliament Sparkle

Using augmented reality to manifest a metaphor

Leo Burnett, Dubai asked us to employ our digital expertise to help client Parliament communicate their premium line of tobacco products. The goal was to create an association between Parliament tobacco and the allure of diamonds. 

In response we employed our digital expertise to create a microsite with a second-screen controller and an augmented reality experience.

To begin with, we created an exclusive microsite where select customers were invited to enjoy the 4C experience through interactive video and 3D product renders that showcased Parliament’s superior Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat; with the final C being the unveiling of the new Parliament Carat pack.  Users were also invited to unlock an elusive fifth "C" which gave them an exclusive chance to win a luxury trip to Cannes, France. The microsite was developed to work as a second-screen controlled experience for desktop and iPad, allowing users to use their mobile device to interact with and unlock all 5 Cs on the microsite.

Our team also created an exclusive augmented reality tool for Sales Representatives to help communicate the brand's unique features to retailers. When an iPad camera sees a pack of Parliament Carat, a series of animations are activated and the product pack is suddenly flanked by lustrous, shimmering diamonds and messaging that reflects the brand’s luxurious refinement. By clicking on the various diamonds users can further explore details of the 4 C’s. 

Credits: Click3X and ClickFire Media
Platforms:Desktop, Tablet and Mobile - iOS and Android