Building Creativity

Our creative teams partnered with 3 top Viners to build 12 videos for the brand that’s about building.

12 videos. 13.5 million loops. That’s what happens when you put Click 3X, 3 top Viners, and the Lowe’s brand in a room together.

BBDO wanted to promote Lowe’s Black Friday Sales and gave Click 3X two weeks to do it. We paired our in-house live action and animation teams with 3 of the nation’s top Viners, tasking them to create premium shareable experiences with high production values, that fully exploited the stop-motion capabilities of the Vine platforms.

At our NYC studios, these two very different groups swapped technique and inspiration. The best of our experienced teams’ original ideas and expertise in production, combined with the irreverence of media-savvy millennials, that generated impressions and fresh new content.

The 12 spots that resulted became the most popular Lowe’s Vine campaign to date and have now been looped more than 13.5 million times.

Credits:BBDO, Click3X and ClickFire Media
Platforms:Desktop, Tablet, Mobile and Social Media - Vine