Attention Kmart Shoppers

Creating shoppable experiences through interactive video and storytelling.

We’re redefining the e-commerce landscape through interactive storytelling. In collaboration with DraftFCB Chicago, ClickFire Media was tasked with creating a shoppable e-commerce experience for Kmart that took advantage of new possibilities offered by HTML5 technology.

Immersive HTML5 video, backed by the track ‘Burning Hearts’ by MNDR, tells the story of people living their daily lives in fashionable clothing. At predetermined hotspots the narrative pauses, to allow users to interact with the individual items which are themselves seamlessly linked to Kmart’s e-commerce via their API. Dynamic overlays and a radically intuitive menu system streamline the experience, further immersing users in a story that feels worth watching for its own sake. At any time users may pause or continue, whether it be through the narrative or to the online catalog.

This cross-platform experience offers a glimpse of what’s possible when creative video production meets cutting-edge web development.

Credits:DraftFCB Chicago and ClickFire Media
Platforms:Desktop, Tablet and Mobile