Google Banners

Launching campaigns to help the search engine giant showcase its bells and whistles

We partnered with Johannes Leonardo to create a series of interactive media ad units for their client, Google, to support their larger Google Sparkle and Demo Slam communications campaigns. 

The goal was to raise awareness of Google’s new capabilities through a series of interactive rich media banner ads that actually used the new technology. For Demo Slam, we created a contest allowing users to choose between two different videos demonstrating Google’s latest innovations. Roadblock media placements synced the banners, allowing the chosen video to jump from banner to banner creating the illusion of a battle. 

The Google Sparkle campaign challenged audiences to rethink what a banner ad is capable of and leveraged the full assortment of Google’s rich media technologies, including in-banner YouTube videos, Google Teracent technology and moat ad analytics. As an “ad about ads,” the executions allowed us to play with self-referential ideas in a high design, streamlined UX context. In one, we even embedded a keynote video from the IAB conference.

Credits:Johannes Leonardo, Click3X and ClickFire Media
Platforms:Desktop, Tablet and Mobile