Presenting the World Leader in Natural Gas Exploration

Translating complex business offerings into Simple User Interfaces.

Gazprom International is one of the world’s leading natural gas resource corporations. We collaborated with agency Fifteen Degrees to develop an exclusive mobile application for pitching to Heads of State, CEOs, and top management professionals. We responded by creating a visually powerful application that can be displayed both on the iPad, or transmitted to TV/Video via Apple TV.

The Gazprom International iPad App is a customizable app with a streamlined yet powerful interface, interactive 3D imagery, and branded integration of video. Ideal for presenting in conference rooms or on the fly, the app provides a unique storytelling experience where users can modify presets, filters or drag and drop content in order to tailor their presentation. News, updates and happenings were also included in the app, facilitating corporate communication and greater management efficiency. The Gazprom International App makes communicating complex business offerings simplified.

Client:Gazprom International
Credits:Fifteen Degrees and ClickFire Media
Platforms:Tablet - iPad