Performance Bed Gear

Defining a brand identity to drive a full site redesign and create a compelling digital experience

Bedgear is a leading manufacturer of performance bedding essentials with a philosophy centered on delivering superior sleep quality to enhance your active lifestyle. Their selection of performance pillows, pillow protectors, mattress protectors and mattress encasements harness similar cutting-edge technologies to those used in performance athletic wear. ClickFire Media and Reason2Be where tasked with the challenge of redefining a brand and executing digital touch points, including the website, product selector and animated branded demos featuring Bedgear's innovative technologies.
We helped create a brand voice and personality by mapping out a way to disrupt the bedding category; making Bedgear a standout by establishing a clearly-defined brand identity that challenged industry norms. The Website was built using Magento for e-commerce and Wordpress for Bedgear’s blog. Visuals would be bold and the tone would have an attitude and vibrance focused on highly active individuals. The brand would clearly differentiate itself in a category that is full of similar looking-brands and products. Bedgear's athletic-focused brand ambassadors further elevate its presence, offering valuable testimonials and support for the brand's premium bedding essentials. The brand continues to expand, and the products have been well received by an ever-growing audience.