Hear Our Stories, Share Yours.

A unique storytelling approach ignites a different conversation to raise breast cancer awareness.

In 2014 we were challenged by our client The Estée Lauder Companies to create a 360 campaign that would inspire audiences to join the important conversation about breast cancer awareness.

Our response was to leverage the power of storytelling across the digital and social landscape, by amplifying video content and tailoring the topics of conversation to connect to a wider audience. With the call-to-action: “Hear our stories. Share yours,” Click3x Director Jonathan Yi and ClickFire Media brought together individuals, their families and supporters to capture a two-way conversation. Through authentic narrative and hours of moving footage, audiences learned that cancer is not a solitary struggle; it affects us all. The hours of moving footage led to the creation of a campaign trailer and 27-minute documentary.

Users around the world visited the responsive BCACampaign.com website, built ground up with consistent performance from mobile to desktop. It was then translated into 15 different languages, to share stories, photos, videos and opinions resulting in an aggregated live feed that engaged a global audience. The resulting metrics were astounding - 1,000,000 YouTube views, 2,000,000 social media impressions, and 16,000 moments of engagement demonstrating the power of storytelling to transcend space, time and location.

Client:The Estée Lauder Companies
Credits:Raison D’Être, Click3X and ClickFire Media
Platforms:Broadcast, Print, Digital and Social Media