How Sick is Vegas?

In conjunction with CES 2017, Saatchi & Saatchi NY approached us with a request for an outdoor touch screen kiosk for their client Theraflu.

Our team produced the entire operation in just 4 weeks, from research and development, to the kiosk build, to the installation on the Las Vegas strip.

The kiosk was engineered with a thermal camera--capturing and saving thermal images. Users came to the kiosk, which was operational 24/7 during a 7-day period, throughout the day and well into the evening. We captured thermoselfies of all kinds--from family portraits, to animated vacation-goers, to Jack Sparrow lookalikes and other costume-adorned characters. We filtered the selfies through a moderation tool and into an aggregated gallery.

Users received their images via text message, which could then be shared to social media channels. The kiosk also pulled in real-time SickScore data from The Weather Channel--ultimately letting users decide if they were "sicker" than Vegas, and encouraging users to discover their hometown SickScores via zipcode entry.