Energy Efficiency Matters 

conEdison approached ClickFireMedia with the challenge of building an interactive online platform that informs and educates New York City Building Managers of energy-efficient cost saving techniques for their properties.

Working with the Gate we conceptualized an immersive visual journey that put the average Building Manger into the drivers seat. Our CG team designed and constructed a photo realistic 3D “Class B” building, consisting of 9 different destinations, that users can explore, all while learning of different techniques to enhance their building and save on their energy bill. 

conEdison’s ultimate goal was to get users to register for their Demand Response Program.  An initiative that gives conEdison control of a building’s energy consumption during peak hours, in return for revenue. To make this offer more enticing we offered the users a suite of tools to educate them on these cost savings opportunities and revenue potential. 

Our investment in this project spans almost a full year, starting with detailed UX wire framings to endless design explorations and content hub for thought leadership, industry insights and educational interactive tools.